With the launch of the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook imminent I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk gaming on the tablet. Fingers crossed this new version of RIM's PlayBook will help increase sales and generate some Blackberry loving. Also remember that the PlayBook will get an upgrade to Blackberry 10 in the future so it will rock even more.

This article is really aimed at those of you that may be thinking about picking up the 4G PlayBook. We all know that the wide selection of Android tablets as well as the Apple iPad have a far greater variety of games available for them. Don't get me wrong; there are some fantastic games available for the PlayBook and I'm hoping that this video goes to prove that.

I own an iPad as well as the PlayBook so I am not just writing this from a BlackBerry addicts point of view. I can say hand on heart that when I do play a game it is always on the PlayBook and not on the iPad. You are more than likely are wondering why. For me it comes down to one thing - the tablet size. I feel far more comfortable gaming with a 7 inch tablet as opposed to a larger one. With the added bonus of portability the PlayBook suits my needs in the gaming department.

The above video is not only showing you some of my favourite games but it is also a perfect example of how wonderful multitasking is on the BlackBerry PlayBook. It may not be every day that you have a load of games running at the same time but the point I am trying to prove is you can if you want to, or at least have games running alongside other applications.

You don't have to agree with my game selection, but if you are tempted to invest in a BlackBerry PlayBook now that we are getting the 4G version you may want to check out the games I enjoy most. You can find download links below to my choices:

So after reading this are you tempted? If the 4G PlayBook was rolling out here in the UK I would upgrade to it without a doubt. We need 4G first!

Thanks to 9Blind for the use of the music soundtrack.