BES12 is slated for release later this year, and while we know much of what to expect, we haven't seen a lot of it in the flesh. This week at the BlackBerry Experience Washington, Senior Director, Enterprise Product Management, Jeff Holleran gave a good rundown of some of the features in the upcoming service.

BES12 is a ground-up rewrite as compared to previous BES10 installs. It will manage more than just mobile devices and teams are testing endpoint management. Currently in trial in Canada for healthcare devices, R&D groups are testing it on RaspberryPi and Arduino boards. There will be on-premise solution, in-cloud, and also hybrid cloud and on premise. Able to move users between on-premise and in-cloud seamlessly in the hybrid environment.

BBOS will be supported as long as clients with TSupport want them supported. BES12 will support 200-250,000 devices per domain at launch and scale up from there in the future. BES12 is set for release in November of this year with BES12 multi-tenant solution for small to medium business in March 2015.

Later this year BlackBerry will leverage the NOC for other services — things like complex identity management through multiple services, file sync and share.

Check out the video above, give the slides a good once over and hit up the comments!