We all know that BlackBerry 10 is the most secure mobile platform and BES10 has certainly been growing over the past few months. We've seen some big organizations and government agencies make the commitment and who can blame them. 

BlackBerry have released the above video detailing why SNT Group have chosen BES10 as their platform of choice. I'm not going to go into any great detail as the video is pretty self explanatory, but once again it's a fantastic sign that companies still see the potential and values that BlackBerry has to offer. And of course - companies don't only have to have their work force using BlackBerry smartphones as iOS and Android support is there too with BES10. 

You'll also see that SNT have teamed up with EE. With EE providing the biggest 4G LTE coverage in the UK (and growing monthly) this sure won't do the network any harm. The only things I'll comment on regarding EE is that they seem to not have many BlackBerry 10 handsets listed on their website for consumers (Q5 only) - yet on their business plans there are a choice of three. What's that all about EE?

Business customers interested in finding about EE BES10 can click here.