BlackBerry board member Bert Nordberg won't be seeking re-election to his seat next month. A recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveals that Mr. Nordberg won't be staying on as a board member with BlackBerry and will opt instead to step down.

Mr. Nordberg has a storied history within the telecommunication industry. He earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from Malmo Tekniska Laroverk in Sweden, received training as an Engineer in the Swedish Marines and attended international business classes in France.

An overwhelming majority of his career was spent with Ericsson, a communications technology and services company in Sweden. Mr. Nordberg was even President & CEO of Sony Ericsson for a brief time period.

Bert Nordberg joined the BlackBerry board in February 2013.

His departrue from the board will bring the total number of board members to six. In the filing with the SEC, BlackBerry stated they won't be looking to add any new members at the annual meeting next month. Instead, the company will try to increase their membership by two qualified directors sometime during the current fiscal year.

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Source: SEC, Via: WSJ