Fans of BerryWeather will be pleased to know that version 2.5 is now available for download. Winners of the CrackBerry App Award for best weather utility, BerryWeather 2.5 has a whole slew of changes and bug fixes in place. Almost too many to even list here so, we'll slim it down a bit for you all and concentrate on all bigger changes:

  • Added push support to instantly notify about weather alerts without draining the battery
  • Added support for custom icons. We are looking forward to iconsets created by the community!
  • Added support for sharing weather and advisory via Twitter
  • Added support for BlackBerry LBS (location based services) on OS 5.0 and higher devices for cell location lookup. This greatly improve cell location lookup accuracy
  • Improved weather alert support and filtering
  • New default background image in Day&Night theme. Shows sunlit sky for daytime, moonlit sky for nighttime locations. Transitions smoothly between locations on touchscreen devices.
  • Added support for wide background images. If a background image is wider than the screen it will scroll slightly in the background while you move from location to location.
  • Added option to show a shortcut on the homescreen for selected locations (OS 6.0 only)
  • New titlebar showing full device radio status and application indicators (OS 6.0t only)
  • Added support for restricting auto update during certain hours of the day
  • Added option to select font family (OS 5.0 and higher)

There really is quite a few more changes that I didn't list here so be sure to check out the full change log for all the details. You can download the free trial of BerryWeather from the CrackBerry App Store today.

  • Click Here For More Information And To Download BerryWeather 2.5>>

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