BerryWeather 2.2.01 Released Brings With It Great News For Developers

Bellshare has released their latest version of BerryWeather. This update is a little different from the standard operations of an update however. Bellshare has decided it's high time they opened up their awesome Weather application for other developers to make use of the information it provides. Developers now have the option to use data from BerryWeather in their own applications.

One of the first apps to make use of this integration is Ultimate Lock, which was also updated to coincide with the new BerryWeather release. I'm quite certain as newer applications are released, quite a few other developers will be making use of the data BerryWeather can provide much like how theme developers are now requested in droves to include a dedicated weather slot in their themes. If you're a developer, you can read more about the BerryWeather 3rd party app access via the Bellshare forums.