Probably one of the most requested and sought after features for the BlackBerry Storm is the inclusion of "Flick Scrolling" to be built into the OS, but since RIM has yet to do it a third party application from BellShare is here to save the day finally!

BerryScroll has been in development for a while now and finally has been released for all. The application is great to see in action but keep in mind where it's a third party application it will only work in certain areas of the OS. Right now, BerryScroll will work in the browsers, contacts, phone and finally, media applications. Sadly, no free trial is available for the application but many users in the forums have done the beta testing of this app and state it works amazingly well. Below you can find a 5-minute video review of BerryScroll put together by our friend WayneD so you can really see it in action. BerryScroll for the BlackBerry Storm is available for $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store.

Video Review of BerryScroll by