BerryReader for BlackBerry BerryReader for Blackberry

Bellshare has been hard at work and have just released another great app. This time it comes in the form of an RSS reader with BerryReader. BerryReader is a great Google Reader client that has loads of features. I've been searching for a decent Google Reader app for ages and this one totally fits the bill. Features include:

  • Access your All Items, Starred Items, Shared Items, a single feed or a single folder for reading
  • Automatically update in the background every 15, 30, 45 minutes, 1 or 3 hours
  • Manage (add/remove) subscriptions from your device
  • Quickly toggle an article's Starred, Like, Unread and Shared labels or edit the article's tags for later filtering.
  • Read the current list even while offline, changes to labels and tags will be cached and automatically synced when network coverage is regained
  • Get notified whenever new articles are available (Includes custom LED color support through BerryBuzz)
  • Integrates into the device's messages list showing a BerryReader item whenever new articles are available
This app really has some great features and the updates will keep coming. BerryReader is available for $9.95 (a bit steep, but totally worth it for the sync and other features) and a 7-day trial is available. If you pick it up before Sunday using the code berryreader50 you can save 50% (this code only works in the mobile app store or Superstore client). You can grab it at the link below or via our recently-updated on-device CrackBerry App Superstore client.
  • More information/download of BerryReader >>