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The team at Bellshare let me know that BerryPopup has been updated to version 1.5. If you haven't heard of it before, BerryPopup is a neat app that allows you to preview incoming email and SMS messages on your device without having to jump into the specific message. If you have a ton of emails coming in constantly (like most of us do) the app lets you preview the message without having to stop what your doing -be it browsing the web, playing a game or using another application. When the popup shows, you can quickly check it out and choose to reply, forward, mark as read or delete the message right in the preview box. One of the cool features about BerryPopup is that it reformats both Bellshare and CrackBerry forums emails for easier reading (as seen in the screencap above) in the preview. Other updates include:

  • Option to automatically delete forum notification e-mails
  • Added 'No Buttons' layout mode
  • Added backup/restore to memory card
  • E-Mails deleted by BerryMail will no longer show
  • Complete rework of settings user interface, now with tabbed user interface
  • Improved compatability with OS 5.0
  • Many bug fixes 
BerryPopup is on sale in the CrackBerry App Store through Sunday for $4.99 and a free trial is available. Hit the link below for more info.
  • More information and download of BerryPopup >>