Between BerryWeather, BerryBuzz and SmartAlerts the folks at BellShare have been turning out some of the best must-have utility apps for BlackBerry and their latest offering, BerryMail, looks to be another winner. BerryMail allows you to take control of your inbox by allowing rules to be defined which are then automatically applied to incoming emails. BerryMail features include:

  • Create incoming e-mail rules based on
    • Sender address
    • Message subject
    • Message body
    • E-mail account
    • Attachment presence
  • Automatically trigger one of the following actions
    • Delete message
    • Mark message as opened
    • Don't flash LED (compatible with BerryBuzz 2.2 and later)
    • Set high priority message flag
    • Set low priority message flag
  • Create rules right from within your inbox by using an e-mail as the template
  • Create rules right from your address book
  • Backup/restore all rules to/from memory card

For those who lead lives ruled by the email they receive, this is definitely an app worth checking out. It sells for $3.95 but is currently available for only $2.95 until this Sunday via the CrackBerry App Store. A 7-day free trial is available. Give it a go and drop your feedback in the comments!

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