BerryLabyrinth v.0.90 BETA 1

Beta tests are always fun! This one especially, considering it's a beta test of an already awesome game, which can only get better from here on out. Berry Labyrinth is designed for the BlackBerry Storm and at this point consists of 10 playable levels of pure enjoyment.

The object of the game is to get the ball through the maze while avoiding any obstacles that may be in the way until you get to the other side where you drop the ball into the hole. The developers of the game Berry Blow are offering the game up for free while they beta test it and improve up on it, which they are dedicating a lot of time to.

You can read about Berry Labyrinth in the Forums and please, help them out with the beta test by leaving any comments you may have. Applications get better when developers openly share beta tests and the best way to improve a game or application is to share your experiences with the developers. Check it out and enjoy. And don't blame when you say goodbye to a few hours of productivity!!