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When it comes to simple, minimalistic, and vibrant themes then look no further than BerryGlowDesigns. In the recent weeks they've been hard at work producing a brand new series of themes and they are absolutely wonderful. The 'M' series are color variants of the Cyanity theme I brought to you in the roundup (now named M_Cyanity) and that is not the only surprise BGD has in store for all you theme addicts out there.

'M' Series

M series promo

These modern designs with their clutter free homescreens offer a unique experience. As of now there are four total in this series and the main difference, besides the colors, is the icon set. M_Autumn and M_Carmine feature OS7 icons while M_Cyanity and M_Naturize offer their signature white icon set.

What I really love about BGD is their choice of colors. In addition to M_Cyanity, my new favorite happens to be M_Autumn and how fresh the yellow and orange hues blend together from light to dark. Choosing a color is not as simple as red, blue, or green. There are so many different variations, styles, and color codes across the spectrum to pick from that it requires a skilled and detailed eye to pick just the right one. BGD knows exactly which colors to choose and that is why all of these themes are bright and vivid on your display.


  • Modern design concepts with high attention to detail
  • Stylish custom battery indicators
  • Clear, large clock on home screen
  • Ease to use screens, wallpaper friendly
  • Runs lagless, takes up low file size

All of these themes are OS5/OS6 and 99xx compatible and are available to download in BlackBerry App World for $.99.

More information/screenshots and to purchase M_Autumn 
More information/screenshots and to purchase M_Carmine 
More information/screenshots and to purchase M_Naturize 
More information/screenshots and to purchase M_Cyanity



There is nothing like a contest to get the creative juices flowing. BerryGlowDesigns is looking to build a fifth theme in this series and is asking the CrackBerry nation to help choose the next color (and icon set) by submitting a post in the CrackBerry forums. Deadline is November 16 and the color mentioned in the most replies wins.

BerryGlowDesigns will then create a new design based on those parameters and the result will be made available for FREE in BlackBerry App World for OS5/OS6 and 9900/9930/9981 devices. You must reply to the thread to participate.

Rules are as follows:

  1. A color name (hex code or whatever) to use in the color scheme of the theme
  2. Pick between: the custom white OS7 icons OR the default OS7 icons (icons in the screenshots above) to be used in the theme 

BerryGlowDesigns's suggest a color scheme forum thread

Big Theme Sale  

BGD theme sale

Finally, if you've been thinking of picking up one or more of BGD's amazing themes then you're in luck. All of their themes are on sale for $.99 in BlackBerry App World.

Between the new series, helping to pick a new color and this sale what are you waiting for? Any or all of his themes are a must have for any theme lover. I consider the 'M' series to be one of their best designs and they are not only pleasing to look at but are extremely funcational as well.

Check out all of BerryGlowDesigns themes in BlackBerry App World

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