BerryBuzz DoD

Always a CrackBerry favorite, you can pick up the popular BerryBuzz app for BlackBerry today for 50% off. That's $2.99 vs. $5.99. BerryBuzz is a simple yet extremely useful app that lets you customize your device LED and alerts for different apps and contacts on your device. Want blue for BBM? Purple for Facebook? Orange for AIM? You can do them all and even create custom colors. Set alerts for IM apps, tasks, calendar, all your email addresses and more. BerryBuzz has loads of features and works on pretty much all devices, including those with BlackBerry 6.

BerryBuzz really is one of my personal must-have apps, and maybe more importantly, it's the must-have app I force other members of the Crack Team to have installed on their phones. When I email Adam or Bla1ze, their BlackBerry's light up like a disco siren. It always ensures a fast response! If you have never tried it before, I recommend you do. A free trial is available, but don't think on it too long as you'll want to get it at the sale price before the day is over.

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