BerryBuzz 3.0 BerryBuzz 3.0

BerryBuzz has received a major overhaul and is now available in the form of BerryBuzz 3.0. The new update has a load of action-packed features that make this the best version yet. I'm a big fan of this app, and the update adds a ton of welcome additions. BerryBuzz lets you totally customize your LED for messages, reminders, phone calls and now some 3rd party apps and contact alerts. Updates include:

  • Major rework of the user interface (Includes option to black out all screens)
  • Added support for more 3rd party apps like Twitter (RIM), TweetGenius, UberTwitter, SocialScope, OpenBeak, BeejiveIM, IM+, WhatsApp, Skype, MySpace, Viigo, ebay App, MeterBerry, instango
  • Added contact LEDs that let you assign LED colors to calls/SMS/e-mails from specific contacts
  • Added option to vibrate while ringing for all notifications
  • Added 4 new colors and 12 new LED disco colors
  • Added support for stacking 2 LED colors for even more color variations
  • Added option to vibrate/play sound when call connected/disconnected

The ability to now add alerts for contacts, dual-colors for alerts, 3rd party app support and a backup/restore feature for settings make this a great app to have. The downside is that current BerryBuzz owners will have to cough up another $1.99 to get the upgrade, while new users can get it fresh for $5.99.

  • More information and download of BerryBuzz 3.0 >>