I came across a cool app in the forums called BerryAddon which is currently in beta. The app adds a ton of cool features to your device, and acts as an "All-In-One" for tweaking simple tasks on your device. BerryAddon has a small footprint and huge output. Some of the features are:

  • Vibrate on call connect/disconnect
  • Vibrate when ringing
  • After call, prompt to add call number to addressbook
  • When creating contact, you can add new contact or update exist contact
  • Log blocked call to calendar
  • Email signature
  • Save sms/email/pin message as text document
  • Insert contact's number or email address into sms/email/pin message
  • Auto lock keypad when screen goes blank. you can create exceptions to disable this feature

The app is availble to download during the beta, and a full version is set to be released soon. You can check out the forum thread to view updates and discussion. Check out the OTA links below to download.