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Back not too long ago when we announced the availability of Berry Weather a lot of people opted to make it THE weather application to use with good reason. This time around, BellShare has launched version 1.5 of Berry Weather which is now even better then when first released. For those of you who missed out on the beta, you can now grab version 1.5 from the Shop CrackBerry Software Store for $9.95. A 3-day free trial is also available. Check out the list of changes below:

Update to Version 1.5.35

  • ANIMATED RADAR MAPS (for US Locations only, add a custom radar map for international locations)
  • Track your location via GPS/CELL location so you always know the weather where you are. (Cell location for GSM devices only. GPS does not work for non-Storm devices on Verizon due to carrier restrictions)
  • Replace the default BerryWeather radar maps for any location with your preferred weather service's radar maps!
  • Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase
  • New Themes
  • Smoother animations on BlackBerry Storm
  • Improved battery and memory handling
  • Many many more bug fixes 

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