Dear Berry Dear Berry,

The other day I was riding my new expensive hybrid. I say "expensive" because you would think I would want to be extra special careful with it and it would be a priority over my BlackBerry - well I do want to take extra special care of it. I love it!

So I figured out a way to find a front pouch that sits on my handle bars and I can just put my BlackBerry in it. I thought what a great idea then I can check messages and answer calls. One big problem, a call came in and I did as planned....however, I hit the brakes with one hand while answering the BlackBerry with the other hand and almost ended up with major injuries. I don't want to be without my BlackBerry while on my bike and was wondering if you had any suggestions to do both?! Thank you,

- Almost Flattened

Dear "Almost Flattened",

Yes, I completely understand and applaud you for being inventive and finding a pack for your bike in the front for easy access to your BlackBerry. But you will be happy to know there is an easy solution to your problem (a friend of mine uses this as do I). Just get yourself a Bluetooth ear piece. That way your BlackBerry can stay in the pouch and you can answer and hang up calls by just pressing a button on the ear piece of the Bluetooth head set. I'm sure you wear a helmet ;-) - please do if you don't - and the helmet will actually help hold the ear piece in place as well. As for checking messages, that's more of a challenge and I suggest you do that when you break for a drink or something. Sorry, I know the wait is difficult!

Be careful out there. Enjoy your wonderful hybrid bike and by all means, make sure to push on both sides of the brakes at the same time (I myself have learned that lesson the hard way ;-) )!

- Berry

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