BeMaps 10 Pro has only been out for a short while but is already becoming a favorite of maps lovers everywhere. The native app uses Google Maps to give an awesome experience on BlackBerry 10. While it was choc-full of features at launch, it has been updated today and added more fun to the mix. 

The new version adds a cool share feature for other apps, better load times and other various tweaks. 

Updates in this version:

  • Added tap and hold to buttom search result bar, shows shortcut menu including directions, turn-by-turn and share address
  • Tapping directions bar at top of map will reopen the directions details entry page to edit start/end/travel mode
  • Tapping a direction step in the directions step in the directions bar at bottom of the map opens the full directions list and marks that step
  • Support for ‘Share’ command from any other app to search text in BeMaps 10
  • Improved initial map loading time
  • Added multiple help screens
  • Increased touch responsiveness for buttons in search bar/directions bar at top of map
  • Showing world view until GPS location is found
  • Info dialog before launching Blackberry Maps for turn-by-turn can be turned off
  • Added small scrolling animation hint to search results and directions steps to show these can be traversed by swiping
  • Fixed pin being dropped on pinch-to-zoom gesture
  • Fixed crash on BlackBerry Z10 when zooming in landscape mode

BeMaps 10 Pro is available for BlackBerry 10 devices for $3.99.

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