Kevin dropped word earlier today about the new CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer app from ShaoSoft, and since then I have received word through the grapevine that Bellshare has released a new beta build of their popular application BerryWeather, with compatibility for the new build. Those that have downloaded either the free or paid versions of the new Wallpaper Changer can test out the new BerryWeather build from the OTA links below. Keep in mind that this is a beta build, so you may encounter the odd glitch or bug. You can report anything you find at the Bellshare forums thread here and help them out to make the app even better. Note - while the BerryWeather beta is available for 4.2.1 and 4.6, you need at least OS 4.7 for use of the CB Wallpaper Apps. Special thanks to Yester18 for the tip.