BlackBerry Storm by Bell!

Any Bell subscribers in the house? Good News! Though they're a little late to the game, Bell has announced the coming of the BlackBerry Storm. Now Canucks North of the border officially have two choices -- Telus and Bell -- from which to purchase RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry when it becomes available.

I've been handing my money over to Robbers Rogers for years now... am I gonna have to switch providers here to grab a touchscreen BlackBerry or are the crooks in red gonna join in on the worldwide Storm domination as well? (and no, I'll never get bored of using Rogers jokes. Even though their prices are coming down, they deserve a few years of bashing for the prices they did charge everyone. I could have bought a decent car for the amount I've forked over to them the past few years).

You can visit the Storm teaser site at