Verizon Storm Alert

More Details: If things go as we hear they should, the OTA Wireless Update will be available at 12 noon (we assume EST) 9:30pm PST on Friday and is NOW AVAILABLE  via Desktop Manager upgrade and from

Verizon Update Details: Just in, some "official sounding" verbage in regards to tomorrow's release of and what it addresses.

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Device may reset intermittently while sitting idle or when using multimedia applications
  • User may experience one-way audio (incoming audio is muted) when using voice activated dialing
  • When listening to music on low volume while wearing wired headphones, the volume of the music will increase to the highest level when the user receives an incoming call
  • Improvements in display performance in terms of switching between landscape and portrait modes and keys displaying correctly
  • Improvements in performance for multimedia capabilities such as video, music and MMS
  • Improvements in bluetooth audio performance in certain scenarios

*The software update will be available via the desktop manager, web SL and OTA*

* Update: Now that Bell has released the Storm OS at version .76, are you wondering when Verizon will officially release their BlackBerry Storm update? If the image above is to believed (just sent in from a trusted source), then December 5th is the day!  *

Now this is weird... they're not even selling the device yet, but you can now download OS for the Bell BlackBerry Storm 9530.

Take note of this forum comment - Verizon does not support this OS, but yes it will work, and yes you need to delete the Vendor XML file. Not sure how to update your OS? Click Here.