Bell Flyers Show BlackBerry Pearl 3G Has Arrived. We Say, The Flyers Are A Lie

If you happen to be a Bell subscriber, chances are you either got one of these flyers or one will soon be showing up in your mail. The flyers Bell sent out today clearly depict the BlackBerry Pearl 3G and state that it has just arrived. Sadly though, if you contact any Bell store across Canada they will tell you politely that the flyer is a lie. The Bell launch of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G was indeed pushed back for whatever reason and despite what the flyer says, stores have yet to even take shipment of the devices let alone have any ready for sale. In speaking with some representatives the best release date or comment we could gather up was "Check back middle of next week" and while that's not too bad, it still kinda sucks to have gotten the flyer.

Pic Source: @Roscopcoletrain