We've been hearing all kinds of things on the rumor mill about BlackBerry OS 10.1. While some features like HDR camera and PIN messaging have already popped up on the SDK OS, a leaked document from Bell shows off even more features that are expected to arrive with the new OS. 

The document outlines plenty of information about the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 and OS 10.1. While there is no release date listed on the document it's noted that the Q10 will be "available soon" and that the off-contract price will ring in at $699. 

Among the features listed as part of the 10.1 update are more notification options for contacts and messages, the ability to transfer data from a BB7 device to BB10 using BlackBerry Protect, a dark theme for apps like calendar and contacts, and improved camera options like HDR.

Of course none of these features are 100% confirmed (but they do look highly possible) so we'll just have to wait it out for now. OS 10.1 will be available on the Q10 at launch and should arrive for the BlackBerry Z10 shortly thereafter.