Jim Balsillie in Beijing!

This just in... we know where Research in Motion's coCEO Jim Balsillie is today... Beijing! With the television playing in the background set to CBC Olympic coverage, I heard a familiar voice come on the air. I turn around from the computer to look and lo and behold it was Jim Balsillie, member of the Canadian Olympic Foundation, being interviewed live in front of the Water Cube (apologies for the poor photo - only had a few seconds to snap it off the tv!)

CrackBerry Addicts know that Jim loves sports and is as passionate about them as he is about BlackBerry. And when it comes to Canada's athletes, Jim wants them to do well on the world stage, and that of course takes money. By being on the Canadian Olympic Foundation he's doing his part to build awareness and try to get athletes the funding they need. Good Stuff. Enjoy your time in Beijing Jim! If you get a chance, can you snap some photos of athletes with their BlackBerry in hand and email them into us to post?? Thanks!!