We were going to save this for the DVD Feature Edition, but since we're on a BlackBerry high having the new BlackBerry Z10 to play we'll bring you this behind the scenes look at our temporary Toronto-based CrackBerry Headquarters, aka "The Crack House," free of charge. :)

If you've checked out our in-depth BlackBerry Z10 review and BlackBerry 10 review, you no doubt noticed the extra effort we put into our review videos this time around. Filmed with great lighting and that bright white studio feel, you may have been wondering to yourself exactly where we went to pull this off. Well wonder no more. Hit up the video above to see all of our secrets revealed. And if you haven't watched the videos yet, you can hit up the links below. 

BlackBerry Z10 Review Unit Unboxing
BlackBerry 10 Hardware Review Video
BlackBerry 10 in 10 Minutes
BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry 10