Talking on the CrackBerryIf you're reading this, the odds are you just bought yourself a new BlackBerry, are thinking about buying a new BlackBerry, or have been a BlackBerry user for a while and just stumbled upon for the first time. To the first time visitor, can be a bit daunting - there is a LOT of information and a lot of things to do on the site. This guide is here to bring you up to speed on using the site, so let's get Crack'n!

I Need Help With My BlackBerry
There are three main areas on the site where BlackBerry Help, FAQ and How To information is provided - in our blogs, forums, and unique editorial (i.e. BlackBerry 101):

  • CrackBerry Forums - Everyday, thousands of people use our BlackBerry forums to ask for help and give help related to their devices. Click the Forums Tab at the top of the site to be taken there. There is a good chance the question you are asking has already been addressed in the forums, so it always makes sense to use the Forum Search Tool. To participate in the forums (post a question, respond to a question, view attachments, etc.) you will need to be a member of the site. If you're not familiar with using forums in an online setting, the first thing you should do is check out the CrackBerry Forums How To Guide. From there, you'll also want to view our Tips, How To & FAQ forum, which outlines several popular BlackBerry topics for Newbies and seasoned BlackBerry Users alike. A quick visit to our Forum Rules & Policies will bring you up to speed on how we keep the CrackBerry Forums the most rocking community on the web!
  • CrackBerry Blogs & Reviews - The Crack Team works hard to continuously post BlackBerry content to the site - news, reviews, tips and how tos, humor, etc. There's a lot of info here. Again, beginning with a quick search is a quick way to find the info you're looking for (use the Search Box located in the right hand column of the site - make sure you select the "blog" tab first). To quickly get an overview of all the content in these areas, try viewing the Blog Index and Review Index.

I Want Stuff For My BlackBerry
Once you get the basics figured out on your BlackBerry, the next step is to Crack It Up with BlackBerry Media, Software and Accessories. has you covered: 

  • - With thousands of orders processed and happy customers each month, the store has become the dominant store online for BlackBerry Users & Abusers. 
    • Our Accessory Store features hundreds of accessories for your BlackBerry, including BlackBerry cases, Bluetooth headsets, Memory Cards, Batteries, GPS accessories and more. Prices are always competitive and we're always adding the latest accessories to hit the market. Enterprise Sales are available.
    • Our Software Store features thousands of BlackBerry Software titles, and includes free trials are available for most popular downloads.
Enjoy your New BlackBerry and Enjoy!!!