BeeJiveIM One Week Sale!

This is one heck of a deal BeeJiveIM has going on here. We have covered BeeJiveIM on many occasions here at CrackBerry but for those of you out there who may still be unfamiliar with this messaging application, here is a quick run down of functionality:

It's a great application that allows you to stay connected to all of your instant messaging buddies simultaneously on AIM, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo!, MySpace, GoogleTalk, ICQ & Jabber all using one program, no need for multple applications.  

There you have it! So with great pleasure it pleases me to let you all know that BeeJiveIM is now on sale up until midnight PST March 1st. The user license (normally $29.95 USD) and the device license (normally $19.95) will be discounted $5.00 for the next week.

Storm owners - keep in mind you have to hold on for a bit as the Storm-optimized version is not available as of yet, but BeeJiveIM seems poised for some upgrades over the next few weeks and one can hope a Storm version is what we will be looking at. For the moment though users can pick up a free 30 day trial on their site, but please... do not wait the 30 days to decide on  purchase, as the sale once again only runs till March 1st.