This is for all of you BlackBerry Storm owners out there waiting for Beejive IM to finally hit the Storm. Well, while the completed version may yet be a ways off in the meantime you can grab the latest beta in all it's glory. I have downloaded the Beejive Storm betas before and was never quite impressed, they were always full of bugs that I really just could not understand even why they were not fixed beforehand but this time around the beta is much more polished. I guess that is due to the sheer amount of people that are offering feedback on the application. New additions this time around include:

  • file transfers via link, you can now transfer files to buddies on all IM accounts.
  • updated push when idle settings, you can now choose an email to use for push notifications.
  • clock fixed
  • option to use color blind status icons 
There are some nice changes there to what is shaping up to be a great application on the Storm as it is on any other BlackBerry device, be sure to check it out and please remember being a beta Beejive needs and wants feedback on any issues that do arise so post them in their support forums if you find any.