Bee - Native Tumblr client for BlackBerry 10 updated

Although it has seen several updates since we initially looked at it, the native BlackBerry 10 Tumblr client called Bee hasn't got much exposure despite it being a great offering and alternative to running the Android version of Tumblr on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. No better time to highlight it again then now as there is a new update currently available in BlackBerry World.

With Bee, you can access all that's offered through the Tumblr API such as posting, reblogging, editing posts, liking and unliking posts plus, it also supports tag search. The latest update, v2.7.0.0 serves as a bug fix release that address an issue with text not being visible when using the included dark theme.

For current customers, you should be seeing the app update available right now in BlackBerry World. For new and potential customers, you can grab Bee for only $1.99. Keep in mind, if you're heavy user of the Ask feature on Tumblr or need access to your inbox, these functions are not supported by the Tumblr API and as such, are not available in Bee.

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