Nothing is more annoying when you first wake up than the "beeping" of your alarm going off. A lot of us use our BlackBerry devices as an alarm clock and have had the luxury of different apps to choose from. Now it seems more and more people are starting to use their BlackBerry PlayBook for that same use. If you're one of them, you may want to check out the application called Bed-Buzz by Comantis LLC. The calm soothing music and melodic voice saying "Good Morning" and your name is a much nicer way of waking up. With the Bed-Buzz application, your personal greeting is followed by the time and current weather conditions and then the day's weather forecast. Keep reading for both the free and paid versions features.

Bed-Buzz - Free Talking Alarm Clock


  • Greets you in the morning with your name.
  • Tells you the current time and date.
  • Reads you today's weather forecast for your current location
  • Large snooze button for sleepy fingers
  • Multiple theme options
  • High Contrast Mode Option (large green text on a black screen).
  • Adjustable volume and snooze length
  • Tap the weather icon at any time to read today's weather forecast
  • Easy to set multiple alarms
  • Advanced alarm settings: enabled / disable for specific days of the week
  • Gets your location using GPS, or your zip/non-US postal code
  • Alarm sounds even when app is in standby
  • Temperature reads in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Has Keep-Alive Option

With the paid version (currently priced at $2.99), you get all the options/functions in the free version plus the following:

  • Choose from 3 different voices, US Male, US Female, and UK Female
  • Add an additional message for your greeting
  • Plays your favorite mp3 from your song collection (also includes choice of 6 beautiful preinstalled tracks to wake up to)
  • Add your own background photo

Check out the video above for a demonstration of the free version. It's definitely a great alternative to standard alarms. With a free and paid version, it'll fit into anyone's budget.

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