Update: The KEYone Delta Tester application period is now closed. We had a GREAT response with hundreds of individuals applying. BlackBerry Mobile will be reaching to all those selected to participate in the program. Thanks for applying!

Exciting opportunity here for some passionate BlackBerry owners who want to test the new BlackBerry KEYone and be part of BlackBerry Mobile's ongoing goal to deliver an exceptional user experience to their customers. I dropped word of this in CrackBerry's forums last week and we've had a pretty great response so far, but I wanted to spread the word on the CrackBerry blogs to give those who may have missed seeing the announcement a chance to apply.

The Delta Tester program kicks in once the device goes on sale, and select end users are invited to participate. Delta Testers will provide detailed qualitative feedback to the BlackBerry Mobile QA team about their experiences.

The European Quality team for BlackBerry Mobile is looking for a total of 30 Delta Testers -- 10 each from the United Kingdom, Germany, and France -- to take part in this program. The phone is provided by BlackBerry Mobile Quality team.

If you want to apply for your chance to be a Delta Tester for the KEYone, hit the link at the bottom of this post.

Application Requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Living in the UK, Germany or France
  • You must be able to communicate in English

Note, if you are selected for the program, you will have to sign an NDA.

That's it. Please only apply if you meet all of the requirements. CrackBerry members are the most knowledgeable and passionate smartphone owners out there, so looking for awesome people to apply. Make us proud!