BeBuzz Pro 10 updated with a bunch of bug fixes

BeBuzz 10 Pro finally went headless not too long ago. While it took its time, BeBuzz has been a favorite of many since BlackBerry legacy days but there's a lot of choice now. This version is mainly a bug fix update but there are more color combinations available too. I would really like to see more color variants with these LED notification apps. They're just not quite there yet but we're moving along, slowly but surely.

BeBuzz Pro 10 v2.0.82 changelog

  • Improved stability
  • Added more LED color combinations
  • Fixed internal limitation to only 20 contacts
  • Fixed LED off by default in 'Phone Only' profile
  • Fixed LED color swatches not showing sometimes
  • Fixed work e-mail LED flashing with BBM messages

I must say that once BeBuzz 10 Pro went headless it quickly became my go to LED notification app of choice. But not to dismiss the others, I do give them all a try and will bring a comparison of them all soon. If you haven't got the BeBuzz 10 Pro update yet, visit BlackBerry World today or use the link below. BeBuzz 10 Pro is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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