BeBuzz has long been a CrackBerry favorite, so needless to say we're ecstatic it has been made available for BlackBerry 10. BeBuzz Pro 10 has been built from the ground up for BlackBerry 10 devices and brings along all of the LED color action you've come to know and love. 

The app lets you create various LED color alerts for emails, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other apps. You can stack colors for custom alerts, set audible reminders, get popups for emails complete with interactions and much more. 

Other features include:

  • Choose from 7 predefined solid LED and 12 rapid flashing disco LED colors
  • Stack 2 LED colors for even more color variations
  • Set LED colors and audible reminders for E-Mails, text (SMS), Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger messages from your favorite contacts
  • Assign colors for BlackBerry Messenger (only while device is locked), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and incoming and missed calls
  • Repeating Notifiers: Keep your phone's audible notifiers repeating until you acknowledge them  
  • Text-to-Speech: BeBuzz will read your e-mails and text messages out aloud!  
  • Fully interactive popups for e-mails and text messages. Preview, delete, flag and mark as read e-mails and texts straight from the popup.  
  • LED notifications and audible reminders will stop when you unlock the phone, peek/open the hub or press any hardware button
  • E-mail and text filters. Create notifications for specific messages filtered by message sender or subject/body. Automatically perform actions on filtered e-mail messages (Delete, flag, mark as read, change priority)  
  • Customizable vibrate for every notification  
  • Vibrate on call connect/disconnect  
  • Coverage Indicator: Get your BlackBerry 7 blinking green status light back  
  • Fully customizable and doesn't drain your battery!

The one catch (for now) is that you do need to leave the app open in an Active Frame for it to function, however that will change once the new APIs are made available.

You can grab BeBuzz Pro 10 in BlackBerry World now for $2.99.

More information/Download BeBuzz Pro 10