Ongoing BeBold Contest: Want to show off your BlackBerry passion on video? Email your own #BeBold commercial/video in to [email protected] and if we like it we'll run it on the blogs and make ya famous (and give you some sweet prizes!).

There's a fine line between passion and stupidity, and over my years of CrackBerry blogg'n I've had a lot of fun walking that line and occasionally crossing it. Between BBM Stress Tests, Wearing PlayBooks on Gold Chains and Buying $500 BlackBerry Apps, it's not easy dreaming up new things to keep CrackBerry Nation entertained between the posts that keep you informed (like a first look at a BlackBerry 10 phone or interviews with RIM's CEO).

One of my aspiring LOL posts that I've been wanting to do for years now is a shirtless accessory review. Seriously. CrackBerry gets a lot of female traffic, and I think they'd love it! But in order to do a shirtless review I need to get my body ready for it. I'm still a ways out from getting there and have failed on my attempts before to make it happen, but with Mobile Nations Health & Fitness Month now underway and my newly developed I'm Sexy and I Know It workout plan and diet, I think this this time it may actually happen. I need your support CrackBerry Nation!

To keep me accountable throughout fitness month I recorded up today's Workout #1. If you need a laugh and are a #BeBold type of person, give it a view. Just be warned, once you see it, you can't undo the damage to your retinas. Gotta jet to the gym. Need the After video to redeem myself. I have a feeling this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. :)