BeAmplified for BlackBerry

BBThemes let us know they have just released a new creation called BeAmplified, and I have to say, it's hot! BeAmplified takes its design from the BlackBerry PlayBook, with features such as the sliding panel in the center that allows access to 6 pre-defined apps (Messages, Calendar, BlackBerry Messenger, Browser, Music, and Pictures) and a sliding bottom dock. This dock houses the following panels and icons:

  • Social panel: Facebook (launches Facebook for BlackBerry - not included), BlackBerry Messenger and Twitter (launches Twitter for BlackBerry - not included)
  • Media panel: music, videos, pictures, camera and voicenotes
  • All panel: Icons 1-5 based on device order
  • Favorites panel: Icons 6 - 10 based on device order

BeAmplified comes in two different varieties, Pro and Lite. Pro is made with custom boxed style icons, while Lite features the more subtle BB6 icons. This theme includes a few hotkeys for launching your favorite apps, and also the ability to hide and show the center sliding panel so you can show off your wallpaper. BeAmplified is a really nice looking theme overall, with a lot of attention to detail throughout. I know many of us are eagerly (Anxiously? Impatiently?) awaiting the BlackBerry PlayBook, and with this new theme, we can at least feel like we're one step closer.

Currently BeAmplified is available for Curve 89xx, Tour 96xx, Bold 97xx, and Pearl 91xx (OS 4.6/4.7/5.0). Torch and Storm versions are also on the way, so if one of those is your device, hopefully you won't have long to wait for this theme. You can pick up either the Lite or Pro version in the CB store on sale right now for just $2.99 (regularly $4.99).

  • For more information/screenshots and to purchase BeAmplified >>

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