Buckle up, it's time for another CrackBerry Podcast! Going into this show (recorded live Sunday night) I wasn't expecting it to be a super fun one, but fun we had!! Continuing our series of CrackBerry 10th Anniversary Podcasts, our special guest on this episode was the incredibly talented and TALL Simon Sage. Simon's blogging in BlackBerry goes back almost ten years where he first got his start on a site called BlackBerryCool. At the end of show we reminisce about some of those early days.

We kicked things off though focusing on all the BlackBerry news of the week, including the company's Q4 2017 Earnings Report. From there we of course addressed the KEYone elephant in room regarding the timing of the KEYone's rollout. We also spent some time debating the best way to continue rolling out CrackBerry Meetups around the globe - I think we came up with a clever idea for that and I'd love to hear your feedback on it. And we covered a WHOLE bunch more than that, so you'll have to listen in.

As for the title of this episode? Well, if you listen to the entire show you're going to agree it's a fitting title. :)

I hope you enjoy the show!!

PS. We're on a pretty steady cadence now of recording the podcast on Sunday evenings. The exact time will vary but if you follow @crackberry on Twitter we'll always announce it there and you can tune in live via YouTube and participate in the Q&A. We'll then post the video replay here to CrackBerry once we have the audio cleaned up and the podcast feeds updated.




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