Quite simply, BlackBerrySmart Email Viewer changes the way you read your email. Once you start using it, you won't be able to stop!

BBSmart Email Viewer

Some features of version 2.0:
  • Improve the look/feel of all emails
  • See images embedded in your email
  • Reduces those large, unreadable hyperlinks
  • Use graphic smilies to express yourself
  • Complete integration with your existing email program
  • Add email as tasks to your calendar (OS 4.2 or higher only)
  • Completely customizable to your needs

BBSmart Email Viewer Another good thing about version 2.0 is there are absolutely no setup problems. It installs easy, and works right away.

We've tried it here at the CrackBerry offices... and we USE it day in and day out!

Some of the glowing reviews we've received so far:

- I would rate it a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5 if I could! The product is excellent - BBSmart's customer support is even better.

- Very rarely do I try a product and say.. 'I gotta have this!' For a busy IT person like me, this is a must have. I sometimes have to read through the jumble of html email just to figure out what they are talking about. This is a must have app.

- Excellent product - makes reading e-mails much easier and user friendly. Outstanding support by the author!

To grab your copy of BBSmart Email Viewer, click here.