Bull and Bear

If you've ever ventured into our BBRY Stock Forum, you'll know there are a lot of members here who pay close attention to BlackBerry's share price.

And on the company and investment front, tomorrow is yet another BIG day for BlackBerry, as they'll be announcing their Q1 2014 fiscal results (remember, the company's fiscal year is different than the calendar year, so that's not a typo).

So on the eve of the BBRY's earnings, I wanted to check in with a quick CrackBerry poll and see where all the BBRY investors out there are placing their bets (or rather, what they're thinking will happen tomorrow). Will earnings be more positive than what the street is expecting and will we see the stock go up? Or will the other thing happen. Cast your vote above and let's see where we end up tomorrow.

The number of short shares out there for BBRY is still extremely high, as it has been for several quarters now. That means a LOT of investors out there are literally hoping and betting for BlackBerry to not succeed (fyi... I hate these people). Many others, like me, are hoping BlackBerry will turn in a positive result that exceeds expectations.

Heading into tomorrow, the earnings previews have been really mixed. You see one company reporting that channel checks on BB10 sales are sluggish. Others are much more positive, saying sales are steady and the Q10 is moving, but there's not a full quarter of Q10 sales to report on (there's  no Q10 sales in the US for the period being reported). I honestly don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but I will say I get that anxious feeling in my stomach thinking about it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

One thing is for sure, and that's the fact we'll be here covering it. Earnings are early these days - they should cross the wire at 7am ET and the investors call will happen at 8am ET. Just hit the CrackBerry.com homepage and you'll find everything. Once the investors call is done, we're going to stay on the line and record a CrackBerry podcast. It's been a while, so I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about. 

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