bbOSalert has been in beta for a while now and finally, after having extensively testing the application is now available for purchase. In case you are unaware of what exactly bbOSalert is, a quick look at the application description explains it in the best manner possible.

Is your F5 button about to pop off of your keyboard? Or even worse, already gone? Your solution to staying up all night waiting for a new OS to leak is here. bbOSalert is a new application for BlackBerry devices that alerts you when a new OS has been posted on the internet. Once installed onto your device you can select which devices you wish to be alerted about and choose between leaked OS, official OS or both, also includes hybrids.

How does it work? Once an OS is posted on a site for download an alert will be sent out to whom ever has subscribed to that device. Along with the alert you will be notified of the version and where OS was posted (site wise) for you to download.

Having used the application for the past two weeks now I have to say if you are a person who needs to know what OS has leaked and when -- this is the app for you. Within seconds of an OS post on any BlackBerry site you are notified by pop up on your device of its availability. Now getting this isn't nearly as fun as sitting on CrackBerry all night waiting for a leak, but it's definitely a clever idea. And we know all you CrackBerry addicts out there will probably do both anyways! bbOSalert is available now for only $2.00 and supports all devices OS 4.2 and up.

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