OS 4.5 Screenshots

You know we must be close to the public release of BlackBerry Operating System version 4.5 because it seems users touting leaked copies are popping up everywhere on the net!

I've always wondered what a big company's take on this is (I don't think leaked OS's just happen to RIM)... I'm not sure if they get mad, are indifferent and turn a blind eye or look at is a positive (but one that they can't really mention) since if they track all the threads/posts that crop up it's like having a big group of Beta Testers without the hassle of having to organize and deal with it. I think the good majority of BB sites out there don't allow for individuals to post links to download these leaked OS's (CB included), but that being said discussion "about" these things doesn't get censored. With so much OS 4.5 hands-on talk out there, I thought I would link to some of it for your viewing pleasure:

I think it's important to note also, if you ever get your hands on one of these pre-release copies that choosing to install it on your device is something you do at your own risk. It's always best to wait for the full release (insert wink here). Let's hope OS4.5 gets released soon!