BBM updated through BlackBerry Beta Zone, brings ability to retract photos,edit multi-person chat and more

While many are getting their hands on the new offering from BlackBerry - the Priv - those on BlackBerry 10, who also have access to BlackBerry Beta Zone, can check out the latest beta update to BBM. It brings some new features such as the ability to retract photos, just as you can retract messages.There is also a new BBM Search function.

BBM v10.11.x.2 beta update features

  • BBM Search: Finding a contact or chat just got easier with BBM Search; enter in a name, word or number that you're looking for in the Search field and BBM will return the results.
  • Retract Photos: Ever send a photo to someone in error? Good news - the retract functionality is being extended to photos so you can remove an accidentally sent photo from your contact's chat.
  • Retract Messages in Multi-person Chat: Retract has also been extended to multi-person chats, so messages and photos can be retracted even when chatting in a multi-person chat.
  • Edit Sent Message in Multi-person Chat: Multi-person chat is also enhanced with the ability for users to edit a message that has been sent. This feature exists with 1:1 chats today and is now extended to MPC as well.

To update just open up the BlackBerry Beta Zone app and find it in the Downloads tab. To avoid losing BBM chats, it is advisable to back up your chat history by going to BBM->Settings->Toggle Save Chat History ON-> Click Back-up Now.

Please note, BlackBerry Beta Zone is only available in certain regions. If it is available in your region you can register for a free account. Also note, the update became available last night, then disappeared and now it's back. So, go ahead and update if you haven't already done so.

Download BlackBerry Beta Zone