Fresh out of beta testing BBM is rolling out a new update to our favorite messenger that brings some much needed fixed and refinements. Following up on commitments made earlier in the month, spam blocking has been added to help better the user experience.

There are three key items in this version that make it worth the upgrade. The ability to block spam is big for BBM and gives us more control against random PIN generators pushing needless invites. Beyond this, there's a refined sticker picker with a 'Recent' tab that houses some of your most recent and frequently used stickers. This is a great benefit for users who like stickers but have dozens and don't want to spend the time scrolling through them. As well, existing BBM users can now add their telephone number to their account to make future sign-ins much easier.

What's New

  • Introduced ability to sign in using phone number or e-mail
  • Existing users with e-mail accounts can add phone number to their profile to easily find new friends on BBM
  • BBM Discover screen is in list view for easier discoverability
  • Improved discoverability of channel chat with the introduction of channel representative
  • User can report invites as spam
  • Recently used Stickers section within BBM sticker picker
  • Big fixes and minor improvements

BBM continues to drive toward new improvements in 2017. The updated Discover tab within BBM has been scaled back to a simple list view and is much more visually appealing and concise. Let us know how these updates feel on your device and what new things you'd like to see from BBM.

Download BBM for Android from the Google Play Store