BBM app opening

The latest update to BBM has now started to roll out for Android and iOS and, for this release, BBM brought a ton of enhancements and new features to the table. Sign-ups and sign-ins are now faster, custom PIN creation is easier, notifications have been improved, and for those of you using BBM on Android, you can now add notes when sharing documents.

  • Faster Sign-ups and Sign-ins for New Users - New Android and iOS users can now quickly and securely sign-up for BBM with just a one-time password. This new feature also speeds up the login process, as it auto-detects your country code based on your SIM card information. (Note: The option to manually enter your country code will still be available.) Once BBM verifies that the number you entered is a valid mobile phone number, you'll get a one-time password via SMS to confirm. Enjoy the faster-than-ever BBM login!

  • Create a Custom PIN Easier Than Ever - When we first introduced Custom PIN, we gave people the freedom to select their own PIN. It could be your name, nickname or any other creative combination you can come up with! Then we made Custom PIN editable, allowing you to change it as often as you like for FREE! Now, we've made the process of creating a new Custom PIN easier than ever. BBM no longer requires phone number verification when creating a new Custom PIN—saving you the time and trouble of the two-step confirmation process where you had to insert your phone number and wait for verification. To get your new Custom PIN today, go to Me tab, select PIN (username) and create your custom PIN instantly!

  • Add Notes When Sharing Documents on Android - In our previous release, we made document sharing faster on 1:1 chat, and available for the first time on group chat, allowing you to exchange any type of document. Android users can now add a caption when sending documents – PDF, Microsoft Office, RAR and ZIP files – in both 1:1 or group chat! It's perfect for when you wish to add a quick note or summary, making it easier for the receiver to understand the content.

  • Never Miss Out on Calls with Better Notifications - Don't you hate missing calls? Now you don't have to. BBM has your back! With the latest BBM, you can turn on your phone, come back online, and catch all the notifications you might have missed. The improved missed-call notification feature ensures you'll see any missed calls while you were offline as soon as you return. The notifications appear at the bottom of your chat screen along with the time the call came in and whether it was voice or video. This also guarantees that your BBM Contacts will see any calls you make while they're offline.

In addition to all of the above, there's also a new feature which allows you to watch videos from Vidio in group chats while messaging. It is one of the more interesting features being added. However, it's only available for Indonesian BBM users right now. Of course, BBM notes there are several other various bug fixes and improvements in this release as well. You can grab the latest update available from the Google Play Store or App store right now. Let me know in the comments if you're liking the improvements! Do any of them make you want to use BBM more?

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