If you're looking in the BBM Shop today and happen to spot a "Timed and Retracted Messages" subscription item available but it doesn't work, there's actually a good reason for it. As noted in a new Beta Zone email being sent out, it's in preparation for a new BBM beta build that is set to be arriving this week for those invited to try it out.

In a few days, an upcoming BBM beta release will bring you some new exciting features. A real focus has been made to help you connect and develop your network on BBM! We are excited to get your feedback on these new features that will enrich your communication with friends. Stay tuned for further updates later this week!

In preparation for the BBM beta release, you may notice a "Timed and Retracted Messages" subscription item available in the BBM Shop later today. This new subscription item will not take effect until the beta release. Subscribing will allow you to get unlimited access to Timed Messages and Message Retraction. Non-subscribers will be able to Retract a maximum of 3 Messages and send a maximum of 3 Timed Messages.

BlackBerry introduced the timed and retracted messages feature late last year and at the time, noted they would be premium features that were to be available for free without restriction for three months. That time is well over now and if you want to keep those features, you'll still have to start considering how much they're worth to you and whether not you'll want to pay a subscription fee for them.

The prices for the subscriptions are not showing as of yet, though it is noted non-subscribers will be able to retract a maximum of 3 Messages and send a maximum of 3 Timed Messages but it's not clear if that's per month, per chat or something else. We'll just have to wait and see. Plus, as the email implies, there's sure to be a few other changes as well when this update starts to roll out.