With the release of BBM 10.3 on BlackBerry and BBM 2.0 for Android and iPhone came a lot of new BBM emjois. In total, 100 icons were added from those suggested on Twitter, Facebook and more. However, in their announcement post for the new BBM update some of you may have noticed that the BBM team let some 'unreleased' ones slip out. 

The Spark, Penguin, Pizza, Film, Envelope and Telephone were never assigned any keystrokes, so no one knew how to really make use of them. With the cat out of the bag, the BBM team decided to have a little fun with their mistake and they need your help.

You’ll notice that these new emoticons don’t yet have keystroke codes so we’d like to hear what you think they should be. Hit us up on Twitter @BBM with the name of the emoticon, your keystroke suggestion and the hash tag #BBMEmoji. We’ll pick the best suggestion and add these emoticons in our next BBM release. 

So there you have it, the emojis will be available in the next update but you guys will get to pick the keystrokes or short codes that will be used to make them show up in BBM chats. Personally, I never use the keystrokes to bring them up but I'm a bit lazy like that, I just always open up the image dialog and pick them from there but I'm sure a lot of folks have come to memorize the keystrokes and use those often.