This is it. The BBM Stress Test is on! If you're reading this and have a BlackBerry in your hand, open up BBM and add me as a contact. You can either scan the barcode above or add me via my PIN. Don't wait. Do it. Do it now!

If you're not sure what this is all about, add me to BBM right now, then read this article about the BBM Stress Test and what it's all about. 

We're broadcasting the event live, so you can hit play on the video below and you might even see your BBM request come through. 

The plan of action is to first max out the number of contacts on my BBM list as fast as possible. From there, we'll test out how BBM runs on the BlackBerry Z10 even when full - we'll do some chats, setup some groups, and try sending out a broadcast or two.

TAKE NOTE - if and when we reach max capacity, your request might not come through. And, it may take me a while to approve everybody. Have patience. Don't be offended if your request ultimately doesn't get accepted. We're doing this for the sake of BlackBerry science! You're participating in history. :)

Once the BBM Stress Test is done, we'll be following up with another post with the results. In the meantime, ADD ME TO BBM and spread the word!

BBM Stress Test Live Stream and Chat!