BBM Stickers

Just a quick heads up for you BBM sticker lovers. You'll want to hit up your BBM Shop this morning as we have two new offerings for sale. First up is a Travel pack which comes to us from BlackBerry themselves. Here we have some familiar icons in sticker form for you to share with your buddies.

The second pack comes courtesy of Cartoon Network and is The Powerpuff Girls. Not my cup of tea but I know Bla1ze is a big fan!

Here in the UK the Travel pack is priced at £0.75, while The Powerpuff Girls will cost £1.50. On a personal note - I still think that the majority of sticker packs are overpriced. I know that BlackBerry have got to make some revenue but I'm not convinced that the stickers are the best value for money.

What's your thoughts? Sound off in the comments?