Just the other day I once again found myself browsing through the impressive selection of BBM Sticker packs that we now have sitting proudly in the BBM Shop. We've asked CrackBerry readers before if they are using stickers, but this time around I was interested to see if you were put off purchasing Sticker packs because of the price?

There's a few packs that I thought I would quite like to have available to use in my BBM chats, but could I justify the price? Quite simply the answer was no. Being based in the UK the majority of the Sticker packs cost £1.50 and I don't consider this to be particularly good value for money. This of course is just my own opinion, however, if many of you agree with me it would possibly identify a gap in the market where BlackBerry are missing out on some lost revenue.

Much the same as app and game developers, I realize that the creators of the Sticker packs are here to make some money and I appreciate that. I strongly feel though that if the majority of packs were £0.75/$0.99 there would be a vast increase in sales.

Asking you if you think that the Sticker packs should be cheaper would clearly result in the obvious, hence why I'm going down the route of if the price has put you off. Cast your vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments?