It's been nearly a month since BBM was set to launch for Android and iOS devices. The launch was pushed back due to various issues and aside from one update, we've heard nothing of a new date for the arrival of BBM across the globe. A few days ago we heard a rumor that gave us a bit of hope, but we're still in the dark as to just when we'll finally see BBM go live to the masses.

To help ease the pain (as much as we can at least) we're firing up a BBM slumber party in the CrackBerry forums. If we all have to wait, why not do it together?

We have no clue if BBM will launch tomorrow, this weekend or in another month - so let's hang out and pass the time. Hit up the forums thread below for some chat. You can talk about BBM (without going crazy), the weather, movies, your pet, or whatever the heck you want. We'll just try and make the most of the waiting while we can, and who knows, maybe we'll even have some cool stuff to give away to people who post in the thread. Kevin, Bla1ze and I will all try to swing by to keep things going as well.

It's a BBM Slumber Party!