With BBM going cross platform this weekend to Android and iPhone - BlackBerry hit the streets of London last night to promote the news. Unless you have had your head in the sand you'll be well aware that the new iPhones went on sale this morning and many folk spent the night out camping at their local Apple store. 

With BBM going live for the iPhone on Sunday at 12.01 GMT BlackBerry projected some rather funky images onto both of Apples Regents Street store and Covent Garden. If the hundreds of people queuing up to buy the new iPhones weren't aware of BBM coming to their phones they sure as heck should be now. 

Over in Buckingham Palace Road the same happened but this time with the Android logo. Android users will be able to download BBM from 12.00 GMT tomorrow (Saturday). I suspect that us BlackBerry users are going to be swamped with new friend requests over the weekend via BBM. I blooming well hope so anyway.

Spread the word CrackBerry Nation. We're in for a great weekend.